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Rob O’Neill Mocks America’s “Weak” Response To Putin

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Rob O’Neill Mocks America’s “Weak” Response To Putin by : 11:37 am On March 15, 2022

A Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden says there’s no way the US could do to Putin what he did to Bin Laden as he mocks his country’s response to Russia’s invasion.

Rob O’Neill, from Montana, was a part of the SEAL Team Six that took out the 9/11 organiser in Abbottabad in 2010.

He has completed 400 combat missions over 16 years and believes that Vladimir Putin has “lost his marbles” by launching the full-scale invasion against Ukraine.

But he has also been taken aback by his country’s reaction and says America has responded to the deadly attack with weakness.

The veteran, who was decorated 52 times, slammed President Biden’s administration after they cancelled a nuclear missile test last weekend while Russian troops attacked innocent citizens.

O’Neill believes the Pentagon is more worried about their climate change agenda instead of trying to put a stop to Putin, reports Daily Mail.

He said: “You don’t defeat a crazy man with nuclear weapons, with weakness. It’s like trying to stop a schoolyard bully by appeasing him, it’s nonsense.

“When I was in the service, the main concern was whether you could perform the task at hand.

“Now they (the Pentagon) are wasting time and resources making warships green.

“The unfortunate truth is Russia and China are laughing at us when we talk about climate change in the military.”

O’Neill confessed that he didn’t believe Russia would invade Ukraine because he “made the mistake of trying to make sense of an insane man’s decision.”

He thought Putin planned to manipulate the West into paying out extra money on defences by stationing hundreds of thousands of soldiers on the border but didn’t believe they would send anyone in.

The veteran fears that the Russian leader will move to heavy, long-range artillery after watching the Ukrainian resistance take down helicopters and jets.

He hopes Russia will reach a point where their troops are “getting their butts kicked so badly” that the West and Ukraine will discuss a deal with Moscow as a way out.

“Most people in the world can agree. There’s one person that can stop this. All he needs to do is stop it,” O’Neil added.

He says he has found it unsettling to see footage of Russian helicopters getting attacked and being shared across social media.

“There are Russians on those planes and I’ve had friends dying in helicopter crashes, and there’s nothing cool about it.

“Most of the soldiers don’t want to be there. It’s all because one guy in the Kremlin has lost his mind.”

O’Neill claims that most Americans are getting their ideas of war from TV and social media.

“We’d have to know where he is and hit him with an airstrike. You would have to figure out how we get into Russia, how they don’t see us and what we do when we land,” he added.

“Leave your video game tactics at home, because they don’t work.”


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