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Four Ways You Can Make Your Man Happy As A Woman

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Four Ways You Can Make Your Man Happy As A Woman by : 12:57 pm On February 3, 2022

Have you as a woman often wonder what would make your man happy? I mean, if you genuinely love and care about a person you would want them to be genuinely happy. So what is it that can make a man happy?

First it is a wonderful thing as a person in love to seek another’s happiness, it is really great. An added thing to this is to believe that a man can be happy with you, because there are some people who have a twisted perception about men, women and love in general. They say nothing you do can make a man happy. But are they right? Do you think it is true? Well, let’s dig in

1. Appreciation:
Show me who doesn’t love affirmation and I’ll tell you they are not human. Everyone on earth loves affirmations. People like to see that their little effort put into something is appreciated. You see, this is where some women get it wrong. The comparison they tend to do between their men and other’s seem to blind their eyes to what their men does. No matter how much a man does, they never for once say “thank you” or “I appreciate you for all the work you do around here”.

So long as your man is human, trust the fact that he needs to be appreciated everytime. If you have not been doing this, then start something new, you can begin from somewhere and watch your man’s attitude change towards you.

2. Believing In Him:
Apart from self motivation, sometimes people derive energy to pursue their goals when the people they love believe in them. When someone you love believe you can do better, that there is more to you than your present situation, it will make you push for more in life.

When a woman believes in her man, she gives him all the power in the world, he thrives on that power, the whole world does not matter so long as he has his woman as his cheerleader. He is happy because he has someone constantly that lifts his spirit, that cheers him up.

3. Respect:
It is true that men want to be respected? You would not find happiness in a man whose ego is constantly bruised. You want your man happy? Then respect him. Respecting a man should not come from how much he has to offer or what he can give to you as a woman. No! It should stem from the fact that he is human, first and then secondly because he is your man.
Show some respect to that man in the private and public. People sometimes do not care about the respect of other, so long as people around them show them respect. A man will always be happy when he is respected.

4. Trust/Dependence:
This particular point for some persons might look farfetched. Like how will my trusting someone make them happy? Okay, take a look at this scenario. You tell your man your secrets, you are able to open up to him about things bugging you and a host of other stuff.
Just knowing that his woman depends on him makes him happy. Afterall, a good relationship comes from being interdependent. No one loves the fact that you are always giving them and they cannot reciprocate the gesture in any way possible. Trusting and depending on your man makes him happy.

Dependence on your man is in no way encouraging one to be a parasite. But doing your own quota and letting yourself to be helped too. It makes the whole world go round and everyone is happy.

4. Just watching his woman happy and enjoying the love he showers on her makes happiness bubble from deep within a man. You can confirm this from your man. And you will find for a fact that this is true.

As a person, it is good to know that love is not just about us, but about others too and how we can share this love with them. So it is paramount that as we seek our happiness it should not be at the expense of others.


Re: Four Ways You Can Make Your Man Happy As A Woman by Quartermarch22: 8:22 pm On February 3, 2022

Believing in him trust, that it’s the same now

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